Currently no Avira Management possible

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Registriert: Fr Mär 27, 2009 6:52 pm

Addendum: This behavior seems to occur only if customers are using the new Avira Spotlight version.

Due to an update of Avira, in which elementary registry paths were changed, it is currently no longer possible to manage Avira with ACMP. Unfortunately, we were only informed about this after the current release of Avira.

Currently ACMP does not recognize an existing Avira installation, which can lead to the fact that the current Avira version of ACMP is always reinstalled. The only current workaround is to remove all Conatiner or profile assignments of the clients. This way the Avira product is not reinstalled again and again. Management is then no longer possible.

Together with Avira we are already working on a solution. We will inform you further here.
Sebastian Weber
Product Manager
Aagon GmbH