Problems when assigning a configuration profile

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Since today (24.01.2020) there is a problem with current AVIRA installations. It is no longer possible to assign a configuration profile via ACMP.

It seems that the item "Enable WMI write Access" is removed by a VDF update. As soon as this is reactivated, configuration profiles can be assigned again.

We are working intensively together with Avira to find a solution to this problem.

As soon as there are newer findings, we will inform you here.

Current workaround:
Download the current Avira Installer in ACMP by manual download
- In the Avira plugin, click on the button: "Show Avira installation packages" and then select "Retry download"

Uninstalling the Avira Clients with the option: Reboot
- Open a query, e.g. "All Clients" in the query management. Select the affected Clients and click the "Avira Button" in the menu, then select "Uninstall Avira Product". In the window that opens, select the checkbox for "Reboot clients after uninstall".

Reinstalling the Avira Clients
- In the query that is still open, select the affected Clients, click the "Avira Button" and then select "Install Avira Product".

Smooth operation is then guaranteed again.
Sebastian Weber
Product Manager
Aagon GmbH